Trailer and Shipping Container Solution

Used in Tandem, Liquasan and DeOdorPro Gas Kits are the pefect solution to destroying that odour causing molecule permenantely!

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Trailer and Shipping Container

Get Rid of VOCs, Mildew/Musty, and Stale Odours Permanently in Trailers, Shipping Containers and More.

Sometimes the loads you carry and take to other places, unfortunately, leave behind bad smells. In some cases, trailers are refused to be filled again because the environment is not safe for the loader and that will affect your business!

Animal trailers can have viruses and bacteria that are not safe for the animals and need to be disinfected.

No matter what they are, these smells can be eliminated and your loads continue without any further delay.

Selectrocide liquid Clo2 used in conjunction with DeOdorPRO gas kits offers safe and simple, easy-to-follow directions to enable you to truly sanitize and deodorize.

DeOdorPRO products are effective oxidizers that are environmentally friendly and do not poison or cover up the source of the smell. It neutralizes the microbe causing the odour and leaves your trailer clean and fresh smelling.

Do you know what nothing smells like? We guarantee you will smell the difference! 

For heavy-duty odours, we recommend using LiquaSan liquid deodorizer or Selectrocide in tandem with the Gas Release Kits treatment for maximum results!

Truck and Trailer Solutions

Does Fresh Start®Environments offer a service to remove smells from trailers?

yes, please call to discuss your problem at 905-875-8722

Can LiquaSan be used in the cab to get rid of smoke and urine smells?


For cigarette smoke, LiquaSan is used in tandom with the gas kits.

For urine, we find the source of the smell and saturate it with LiquaSan/

is this a treatment we can do ourselves?

Absolutely and we will tell you how.

How long does the odour treatment in the cab or trailer take?

Usually overnight but sometimes just a few hours. It depends on the severity. Call us to discuss your project.