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DeOdorPro Gas Release Kits

DeOdorPro Gas Release Kits

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DeOdorPro® Gas Release Packs are perfect for odour-neutralizing temporarily, unoccupied confined spaces. The “set it and forget it” delivery system is an easy way for you to eliminate odours at the source. Just open the pack, add a little hot water to the tray, drop in the sponge and leave it overnight. 

Eliminates odours at the source, controls the growth of mold and mildew, removes odour-causing bacteria, and neutralizes chemical odours and volatile organic compounds.

Small 25g: Our DeOdorPro ® 25-gram gas release packs are perfect for smaller spaces (50 to 100 cubic ft), compact cars, bathrooms, etc.

Medium 50g: Our DeOdorPro ® 50-gram gas release packs are perfect for medium spaces (100-200 cubic ft), full-size cars, bedrooms, small boats, etc. 

Large 100g: Our DeOdorPro ® 100-gram gas release packs are perfect for large spaces (200 – 500 cubic ft), SUVs, kitchens, boats, RVs, etc. 

The 21st Century alternative to using an Ozone machine!

How To Use?

1. Open foil package using tear notch. Do NOT cut open, do NOT throw out.
2. Fill spigot tank with recommended volume of COLD H20. See directions on backside of foil.
3. Place white pouch in water, close lid. Allow to sit for a minimum of 2 hrs.
4. Remove lid, remove white pouch. Gently stir solution before use.

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