Get Rid of VOCs, Mildew/Musty, and Stale Odours Permanently in Your Commercial Properties

Are you looking to eliminate odours (LiquaSan) or sanitize (Selectrocide) your work environment? Show your staff and customers that you want to exceed their expectations for a safe and healthy environment for them to work in.

Our products are proudly used by car dealerships, gymnastics studios, warehouses, factories, pet breeders, kennels and more. 

Big or small premises can utilize the power of Chlorine Dioxide to clean and disinfect fast! LiquaSan is a Multi-Purpose Liquid deodorizer and Selectrocide is a powerful deodorizer and disinfectant.

Selectrocide  is  Hospital Grade is Ultra-pure and approved by Health Canada as a disinfectant.

Commercial Use Products

These products are recommended for commercial use.

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FAQ for using Chloirne Dioxide in Commercial Applications.

Can LiquaSan remove cigarette smoke?


Does Fresh Start® Environments offer on-site services to disinfect, deodorize or decontaminate our workspace?


Can LiquaSan be used in a dispenser system?

Yes, we sell Dose A Tron dispensing systems to fit your specific application.

What Products does Fresh Start Environment use in a commercial building?

LiquaSan and DeOdorPro gas kits are chlorine dioxide based and the solution for restroom smells, VOC's of any kind, musty or mildew odours, cigarette or fire smoke smells, garbage odours, spills that left odours behind etc. Every smell is a moleule or microbe and chlorine dioxide is magnetically attracted to these microbes with the sole purpose of pulling the ions out of them and disrupting the cell membrane, litterly blasting a hole in them, and killing it permentantly and when you do that, the smell goes away and stays away! It cannot come back.

Does LiquaSan leave a residue that needs to be rinsed?

No, not at all.

Liquid chloine dioxide called LiquaSan.

It is described as a clean kill and hunts down microbes and turns them into a microscopic saline that does not need rinsing. A fantastic spray and leave or a multi-purpose cleaner with attitude!

How do the gas kits work?

The DeOdorPro gas kits come in 3 sizes for various applications.

Open the packaging carefully, as the shell is used as the holder. Place holder in a room up high with a fan blowing lightly if possible for air movement.

Fill with hot tap water. Place the DeOdorPRO packet,blue side down, in water.* Close the doors, windows, or vents and seal any cracks with painters tape and let the chlorine dioxide gas go to work!

25g kit - Light Odours: treats up to 250 sq. ft. (8’ ceilings)

Heavy Odours: up to 125 sq. ft. (8’ ceilings)

50g kit - Light Odours: treats up to 500 sq. ft. (8’ ceilings)

Heavy Odours: treats up to 250 sq. ft. (8’ ceilings) 

100g kit - Light Odours: up to 1000 sq. ft. (8’ ceilings)

Heavy Odours: up to 500 sq. ft. (8’ ceilings)

Can the gas treatment be done another way?


We have a machine called a Rhino and it can be loaded with up to 6 X 100 g gas kits and set off to blast an enclosed space with chlorine dioxide and deodorize it very quickly.

Do you have a video of the gas kits in action?

Yes please click on this link of a Gas kit going off in a vehicle to see the video located under our products page and the DeOdorPro gas kits.