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DeOdorPro Multi-Purpose LiquaSan - Chlorine Dioxide Liquid Deodorizer

DeOdorPro Multi-Purpose LiquaSan - Chlorine Dioxide Liquid Deodorizer

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LiquaSan can handle any deodorizing project - big or small. It can be applied with a mop, sprayer, or fogger. It is a liquid odour remover that is twice as strong as bleach without the residue and strong chemical smell. It does not need rinsing - spray it and leave it! 

Use on wood, tile, concrete, canvas, porous & non-porous surfaces & fabrics* - any surface that can be cleaned with water is a great candidate for LiquaSan - which will clean AND deodorize simultaneously.

LiquiSan offers the consumer chlorine dioxide in liquid form for deep penetration into porous surfaces where odours are trapped. It can be used on any substrates in autos, RV’s, boats, homes, hotels, and storage spaces to neutralize all odours.

LiquiSan is often used as a pre-treat before a gas treatment. Ships dry and easy to store, 

DeOdorPRO offers the most environmentally friendly, effective, simple, safe, and easy-to-use product with simple-to-use directions. We guarantee you will smell the difference!

Spray down porous objects like mattresses, pillows, couches, stuffed animals, etc,  and let it dry for effective deodorization. The gas molecule is released when it dries and goes after the odour at its core resulting in a permanent deodorization. A final vacuum of the mattress and shaking out the smaller objects is recommended.



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*If using on fabrics, always do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area.

How to use

To activate drop the sponge into 2 or 4 gallons (determine by package size) of cold water in a sealed container and leave overnight.

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