Fire and Restoration FAQs

why is Chlorine Dioxide so effective at removing smoke smells?

ClO2 is SMALL!  Why does that matter? 

ClO2 is 100x smaller than a smoke molecule. 80-100 ClO2 molecules can fit in one smoke molecule!  This makes ClO2 the perfect option to oxidize the smoke residual leaving an odor free environment with no residue.

DeOdorPro Gas Kits can be set off in an enclosed space and hunt down the smoke molecule to kill it permenantly.

Why is Chlorine Dioxide gas so effective?

Gas-form ClO2 reaches into hidden nooks and hard-to-reach areas (such as crawl spaces and attics) to eliminate unseen odour-causing elements.

How is Liquid Chlorine Dioxide used in fire remediation?

Liquid-form ClO2 is sprayed directly onto affected areas with an electric sprayer to soak the offending molecules. CLO2 breaks down the molecule fast! Easy to wipe off with no residual smoke smells left behind.

Why is CLO2 the perfect solution for large remediation jobs?

CLO2 eliminates odours quickly, scales-up for large size jobs, work with limited power and available equipment (air movers); and leaves no harmful residue.

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