Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke, Mildew/Musty, and Stale or Food Odours Permanently in B&Bs, Hotels and Motels.

Your guests deserve an odour-free environment.

The DeOdorPRO line of products offer a safe and simple solution to odour control. In addition, LiquaSan (liquid CLO2) is a very effective and popular general cleaner. Our easy-to-follow directions enable you to truly deodorize while you are cleaning.

DeOdorPRO products are effective oxidizers that are environmentally friendly and do not poison or cover up the source of the smell. They literally suck the life out of the microbe that is causing the odour and leave your rooms fresh smelling.

You will now know what 'NOTHING' smells like. We guarantee you will smell the difference! 

For heavy-duty odours, we recommend using LiquaSan liquid deodorizer in tandem with the Gas Release Kits for maximum results!

Hospitality Use Products

These products are recommended for Hospitality Use.