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We are the Canadian Master Distributors for a line of Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) products that uses a new, innovative, and safe delivery system. 

Our line of products disinfects, deodorizes, and decontaminates anything that smells such as urine, mold, smoke from cigarettes or fires etc. and VOCs, viruses, and bacteria.

Clo2 is described as a clean kill and is not a poison. Clo2 simply disrupts the flow of nutrients across the cell membrane which destroys it.

We work with individuals, companies, and distributors to help with odour removal, disinfecting and deodorizing situations.  We provide the products to individuals or contractors, and we also provide the service to consumers.

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We are Fresh Start® Environments because Chlorine Dioxide is so much more than an odour removal product.  

We are helping to protect Canada one molecule at a time!