All Pet Solution

LiquaSan is your solution for all pet odours and stains.

Resolve vomit (as shown), urine, feces, and sanitization with one product!

Hospitality Use Products

These products are recommended for Hospitality Use.

The value of Chlorine Dioxide in hotels etc.

What is the simpliest way to efficiently clean and deodorize guest rooms?

Simple to use Gas Release Kit

  • WATER activated
  • IMPROVES air freshness
  • LEAVES no residue
  • U.S. & International Patented

How to remove biological stains from previous guests on furniture, beddng etc?

DeOdorPro LiquaSan Multi-Purpose cleaner offers chlorine dioxide in liquid form for deep penetration into porous surfaces where odours are trapped.

It can be used on any and all substrates surfaces in hotels, motels and B&B and other lodging facilities to neutralize all odours, remove stains and improve air quality.

How do you access the air filtration for the room?

What if a guest brings in bedbugs and how to erradicate them?