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All Pet Solution

Selectrocide is your solution for all pet odours and stains.

Resolve vomit (as shown), urine, feces, and sanitization with one product!


Chlorine Dioxide uses around pets

Can you use LiquaSan around pets?

Yes! It is not a poison that leaves nasty smells and other by products around that need rinsing. It dries to a microscopic saline. A great spray and leave.

How does LiquaSan remove stains from carpets?

Usually just soak the area and let it dry completely.

What else does it remove that pets leave behind?

Blood stains on carpets or soaked in wood expecially after surgeries or urine soaked into anything. Spray and leave.

Does LiquaSan remove urine that has been soaked into substrates?

Absolutely! Soak it down and let it dry. You can excellerate the drying with a fan or heater. You may need to do it a couple of times depending on how long it has been there but successful evey time!

Can it be used to clean out the mess and smell of litter boxes?

Absolutely! very effective!! Get rid of litter and spray down the whole box and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Wipe clean. Truely amazing alternative to washing the box in a sink and sending excess litter down the drain to possible cause probelms later.

What is a dose a tron and why is it zero dollars?

A Dose A Tron is a unit that is installed into your waterline and allows you to make chlorine dioxide in different strenghts.

Here is a video about how it works. Pricing depends on how big a line you need.