Business Use

Fresh Start® Environments provides a quality line of Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) products to businesses and resellers across Canada. Our unique delivery system sets us apart from our competition.

Food processors, cannabis growers, automotive dealers and detail shop suppliers, RV dealers, marinas, dog kennels, mould - smoke - odour remediation are all strong markets for our product lines.

Clo2 (Selectrocide) is perfect for any task from eliminating bio-films in irrigation systems to sanitizing produce prior to shipping. 

If your company could benefit from utilizing chlorine dioxide or you are interested in adding to your product line a high quality odour elimination (LiquaSan) and disinfection (Selectrocide) product that is safe, biodegradable and easy to use. Contact us to for more info..

Business Use Products

These products are recommended for busines use.