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Fluorinated Spray Bottle, Labeled

Fluorinated Spray Bottle, Labeled

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These fluorinated spray bottles with proper labels are equip with a commercial strength trigger. They have a higher output than standard trigger sprayers. Great chemical resistance. Adjustable nozzle to a more accurate flow control. Provides finest mist to a jet stream. FKM o-ring and piston cup.  Includes one bottle with nozzle. 

What are Fluorinated bottles?
Fluorinated bottles are plastic bottles that have undergone a special fluorination treatment to make them safe for packaging certain liquids like some chemicals that otherwise react with plastic or result in paneling, permeation, material loss and have to be packaged in more expensive glass or metal containers.

Using plastic bottles or containers that are fluorinated is a cost effective solution for packaging and transport.


Fluorination allows you to use plastic to package your chemical products, reducing costs. Among the other benefits of using fluorinated bottles are:

· Usable with polyethylene and polypropylene bottles.

· Offers superior packaging integrity.

· Does not cause loss of product.

· Can be used with all sizes and shapes of bottles

· Does not cause change of formulation or loss of fragrance in its contents.

· Does not cause container distortion, degradation, or discoloration.

How to use

Fill bottle with DeOdorPro LiquaSan Clo2 Liquid Deodorizer and use as per labeling.

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