Chlorine Dioxide is NOT like Chlorine…its better!

Chlorine Dioxide is 10 times stronger than bleach with no harmful byproducts!


Chlorine has been described as aggressive because it is very reactive and has been used as a disinfectant for many years but has some very undesirable by-products and is described as a metabolic toxin.

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizing biocide not a metabolic toxin. Chlorine Dioxide removes odours by disrupting the flow of nutrients across the cell membrane, not by disturbing the metabolic process.

It is 10 Times Stronger than Chlorine but produces no harmful By-products. It dries to saline.

The effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide is much higher than Chlorine, and more effective against specific compounds and bacteria.

How It Works

Chlorine Dioxide is an ion taker. It is attracted to microorganisms and just wants to steal the ions from it. It starves the molecule of oxygen, disrupts the cell membrane and rips it apart.

Chlorine Dioxide destroys odours by attacking their critical physical functions at the cellular level. It disrupts the absorption of proteins into the cells. This effectively starves the cells by not allowing them to take in nutrients. By diffusing through the protective layer of the cell it alters the permeability of the outer cell membrane and renders the cells inactive from the inside out.

Chlorine Dioxide works in such a way that odour causing bacteria will not develop a resistance to it. This eliminates the need to alternate biocide treatments.

Important advantages of Chlorine Dioxide over Chlorine