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My Wife owns a Dog Grooming Salon in the Basement of our home, so you can imagine the types of odours that usually accompany this kind of biz. Lianne came by yesterday and sprayed the room, OMG I couldn’t believe it, woke up this morning to “Smell the results” the Salon Smelled Fresh, like someone spent a whole day cleaning and disinfecting!!!

This product is Absolutely Amazing, Beanies Babies Dog Grooming Salon Highly recommends Fresh Start for all your Odour Needs!

Thank You Lianne Krane !!!
What an Awesome Job!!!

We’ll be telling All our Friends and Clients!
Thanks again!
Ron and Ervina Whittick
We use Fresh Start Odour Treatment!
Pearce Wilson from Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars
What a fantastic product. I recently had a vehicle in my shop, that the customer had been sprayed by a skunk and than he proceeded to get into his vehicle and drive home. Wow did the vehicle ever stink. Once we had done a thorough clean of the vehicle, we proceeded to start our fresh start process, after doing the full treatment and hitting the vehicle with a strong gas pack overnight, we were amazed. The next day the skunk smell was completely gone. Thanks to Lianne and the fresh start process we were able to accomplish a very difficult task.
Moffatt Autoworks