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Fresh Start is a terrific product. We used it after a big renovation to clear up unwanted house odours. I would highly recommend the product. Lianne is an excellent resource and has a ton of knowledge. Thank you!
Shayne Tryon
This product is a wonderful product I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get ride of smells and stains. We moved into our house a few years back and noticed a smell to it and couldn’t figure out what it was, until we did some reno’s. We took up the carpets and saw that the carpets were so dirty they stained the subfloor underneath, we took up the hardwood and noticed mould outside the bathroom. I reached out to Lianne at Fresh Start Odour Treatment (wonderful lady to deal with) and she provided me with the Fresh Start Odour Treatment product. We had sprayed down all 3 bedroom floors, down the hall and the dining room. This product took away all the smells in the every room, removed stains on the subfloors that i didn’t think were possible to come out, and also removed the mould in the hallway… even cleaned the rusty squares that we in floor. Like I said at the beginning of my testimony I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a fresh smelling and extremely clean house!!!!! Thank you Lianne and Fresh Start Odour Treatment!!!!!!
Becky Masewich
Last week I was cleaning one of my regular places. The locker room had an odor of smelly feet and sweat. Knowing how great fresh start deals with odors, I went in armed with my spray bottle. I sprayed the clothes and jackets. I sprayed the mats and boots. Within ten minutes, the whole room had that fresh scent again! Thank you so much for introducing it to me! It doesn’t hide the odors, it totally gets rid of them!
Gail O’Connor