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My roommate and I live in a University dorm together and we’re constantly making a mess here. This Aquasan product has saved our butts multiple times. Gets wine stains out of carpets like a charm I also spray it in our trash can to help with the smell, I use it for the insides of my gym shoes, and I clean our humidifier filter with it. Good stuff here
Alex Aramini
Between a potty training toddler, a long haired cat, and a carpeted apartment, it is expected accidents happen. The first time I found a surprise I was worried my landlord would be quite upset, I cleaned what I could, sprayed some LiquaSan, and let that bad boy sit. I came back and patted up the extra liquid with paper towel and bam – perfection.

I’ve also used this product on my toddlers mattress when shes had accidents and it works wonders without leaving a chemically or disgusting smell behind, just spray, wipe, let air dry and voila it’s good for a new bed sheet. I highly recommend this ‘liquid gold’ product for deep cleaning and stain removing.
Jessica Lorraine
THANK YOU!!! My VW GTI that I purchase over two years ago always had a lingering cigarette smell and after having some paint work done, adding the smell of paint, I decided to have Fresh Start do an odour treatment. I am thoroughly impressed and definitely recommend it if you have odour issues.
Ron Ramsay