Clean, Fresh Smelling, Environment Safe for All



Deodorize and Sanitize sports facilities, gyms and change rooms using Fresh Start® Environments Chlorine Dioxide based products. Selectrocide® can be sprayed regularly on surfaces to sanitize them. DeOdorPro® CLO2 gas release kits will detox the entire space and its contents overnight eliminating sweaty or musty smells.


Because of sweat, humidity and dirt, sports equipment develops odours quickly, often overnight. LiquaSan® is a great product to spray into hockey bags and gym bags to control odours. You can be comfortable carrying your gear around - and everyone in the vicinity will appreciate it too!.


Boats that are closed up in the fall for the season need to have DeOdorPro® CLO2 gas release kits sanitizing them over the winter. This can be done in the spring as well if musty smells occur or even on a regular basis during the season or after cooking. LiquaSan® spray is an effective cleaner that also battles odours and eliminate pathogens, fungi or molds that develop anytime.


Fresh Start® Odour Environments’ line of products are effective at the beginning, during and at the end of camping season. LiquaSan® spray is ideal for canvas products that develop musty odours while in storage. Even better for campfire and cigarette smoke, as well as cooking smells when you return.

Cozy camping in fresh smelling tents
Cozy camping in fresh smelling tents