What does
it mean to be
Fresh Start® Certified?

Your patrons can count on your premises being Disinfected and Protected by Fresh Start® Environment’s trained technicians.

Fresh Start® Certified

The initial treatment is with Selectrocide {Health Canada Approved DIN# 02486466 containing Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2)} which completely eliminates pathogens/viruses on treated surfaces and airborne.

DeOdorPro Covershield Antimicrobial is then applied which prevents microbes from attaching to any surface.

All premises are ATP tested prior to treatment with CLO2 in order to set a benchmark and then tested again once treatment is complete. These results are kept in the customer’s file. This is intended to document the effectiveness of our process and the Selectrocide product.

Here is Chlorine Dioxide explained

Here is the science behind DeOdorPro Covershield Antimicrobial

Watch here  UltraSnap Surface ATP Test from Hygiene on Vimeo


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