Eliminate Odours and Make That Sale

First impressions are the most important, especially when you are selling a used vehicle.
Imagine that you open the door, after a few days of baking in the hot sun, and the scent of stale smoke or musty smell greets you. You may have lost a potential customer and possibly future business.
Fresh Start® Environments can help odour rescue any situation, once you get to the source of the smell. Our products containing Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) and services using tried and true protocols, can be trusted to work and eliminate an odour every time. It cannot not work! Our ‘Paint & Primer’ approach starts with LiquaSan®, our liquid Clo2 and then the gas overnight, for a one, two punch attack on strong odour causing microbes… without over-shampooing.
Chlorine Dioxide is a gas molecule trapped in a liquid and the killing starts as it is drying. For surface odour removal, a light spray, ensuring full coverage, is all that is needed. It is safe on most fabrics and environmentally friendly, as it dries to a microscopic saline, so no rinsing is necessary.

How do we do it?

LiquaSan® is a special Clo2 formulation, as close to pure as you can get but using a food grade activator, neutral acids and safe formulated parts per million, making it completely safe, reliable and easy for you and I to use.
ClO2 kills microorganisms by disrupting the flow of nutrients across the cell membrane, not by disturbing the metabolic process and poisoning the microbe. We are a clean (dries to a microscopic saline) kill.
What does this mean? Odour causing bacteria cannot develop a resistance to chlorine dioxide and this will help eliminate them permanently.

Our 7-step process is simple:

  1. Open all windows and most of any loose dirt & debris is vacuumed.
  2. Remove cabin air filter if necessary and spray LiquaSan® in the vent under the glove box, on re-circulate with the upper ones closed.
  3. Completely Spray down the headliner with LiquaSan® accessing the other side of the headliner around the sunroof or along the windshield edge. If your finger can fit in the gap, smoke can get there too. In bad cases, wait 10 minutes and then wipe with microfibre and respray to leave air dry. Dry windshield and back window right away.
  4. Plug in the seatbelts and give them a spray with LiquaSan® and let dry.
  5. Finish spraying down the rest of the vehicle, wiping down all the hard surfaces & leather after about 10 minutes. Spray down seats and lightly spray carpets. Leave to dry.
  6. Now open the vents and set off an appropriate size gas kit or kits on the console or front dash overnight or longer.
  7. Remove gas kit, air out vehicle and give it a good vacuum.