The Only Way to Truly Get Rid of Raccoon Smell

Our 8-step process is simple:

  1. Remove raccoons and their babies. Loud music over extended periods is said to work well.
  2. The key to successful odour removal is to get to the source of the smell.
  3. Remove the nest and feces as well as any urine soaked insulation.
  4. Spray down the whole area with LiquaSan® & leave to air dry. For suborn problems or in hot areas, repeat after 30 minutes. LiquaSan® works great under load and you will start to notice a difference right away.
  5. Before sealing up the area, tuck in and activate the appropriate amount of Gas Kits. See chart below and on website.
  6. Ensure the area being treated is air-tight. Painters tape around any doors or cracks works great! Make sure sunlight is restricted and leave for at least 24 hrs or seal them in permanently.
  7. Remove Gas Kits the next day being very careful not to spill any access liquid that may be in the tray, again not always necessary.
  8. For best results in confined, limited access spaces where spraying is not an option, leave the Gas Kits in and simply close up the space.