Deodorize, Disinfect and Protect Your Workspace


Growers & Cultivation Solutions

Growing ornamental plants, cannabis, or food indoors? Bacteria, mold, and other pathogens can be your worst enemy. Pathogenic bacteria or viruses in the growing environment can cause sickness in food or loss of crop. A failed microbial analysis can be devastating to your business or hobby.

Chlorine Dioxide can protect you and reduce or eliminate these problems in any setting. Selectrocide (ultra-pure Chlorine Dioxide) is a Health Canada Registered Disinfectant that can prevent cross contamination during growth and processing.

Use on tools, buckets, cutting tables, walls, floors, drains, ceilings, and hard or nonporous surfaces. Used as an antimicrobial wash to reduce soilage organisms and extend shelf life of produce. Used as a continuous treatment in irrigation systems to remove slime and algae and to inhibit its re-emergence.

DeOdorPro Antimicrobial Covershield can be used after to create an inhospitable surface for microbes to land on and keeping your environments safe from harmful bacteria’s and viruses.


Sanitized workspaces are crucial today. Selectrocide® is an amazing multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant that also removes odours on contact after just a few seconds. No rinsing is needed. Create a safe, fresh smelling and productive work environment that your employees and clients will appreciate.


Use Selectrocide®. for daily cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing surfaces in hotel rooms. Stay ahead of bed bugs and dust mites by sanitizing the mattress quickly and easily every day. Quickly disinfect with this safe, spray-and-leave. Smoke or other smells? No problem with DeOdorPro® CLO2 gas release kits.


Apartment Buildings, high-density living spaces common spaces need to be disinfected regularly. Selectrocide® is the answer as it cleans and sanitizes. It is an easy to apply “spray and leave”.

Often buildings can have undesirable smells, from garbage rooms, outdoor dirt ground into hallway carpets, strong cooking odours. Eliminate these odours using the DeOdorPro® CLO2 gas release kits and Selectrocide®. Think of the money you would save in cleaning products.

Hotel / Motel / Bed & Breakfast making sure rooms are sanitized and odour free for their customer's satisfaction.
Hotel / Motel / Bed & Breakfast making sure rooms are sanitized and odour free for their customer's satisfaction.