Eliminate animal odours in your home or car. Skunks, raccoons, dead animals



Dealing with pet odours is a problem that owners face each day. They often spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of pet urine odours that seem to permeate into carpets and upholstery - making them almost impossible to eliminate. Or maybe it’s just wet dog smell. Fresh Start® products provide an inexpensive, easy, safe and effective way of eliminating such odours.


Raccoons love to make urban areas their home. This often results in strong, pungent, hard to eliminate smells that permeate areas around your home. Our removal process stops raccoons from coming back. Their smell is completely gone and does not attract them anymore.


Skunks can be so cute to look at, but often result in a foul smell that invades your home - indoors and outdoors. And in the case of a vehicle or person being sprayed by a skunk, the odour appears almost impossible to get rid of for days on end. Fresh Start Liquasan® liquid chlorine dioxide spray is a "game changer", by totally eliminating such unbearable smells.

Woman relaxing in her home, with her house pets.
Woman relaxing in her home, with her house pets.