Solution for odours sanitation and disinfection Agriculture & Hydroponics



Barns can be a source of disease for animals kept in close quarters. LiquaSan® Chlorine Dioxide spray has been shown to reduce bacteria and other pathogens in stalls and common areas of barns, giving livestock a healthier living environment.


Are you looking for an easy and safe process to remove the biofilm from the water lines that is effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens? Or do you need to sanitize the areas around growing beds without harming the plants while killing spider mites? LiquaSan® liquid CLO2 is your answer.


Sanitize exam rooms between pet visits. Cages and common areas for longer term stays require sterilization between clients, in clinics and kennels. Selectrocide® spray is your solution. DeOdorPro® CLO2 gas release kits can be used in vacant clinics or kennels to eliminate any lingering odours or moulds from hard to reach places.

Agricultural solution for odours sanitation and disinfection related to Agriculture & Hydroponics, Barns, Veterinary and Kennels
Cleanliness in hydroponic greenhouses is key to plant and human health and production efficiency.